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1st May 2022

The Relentlessly Biblical Podcast - What to Expect and Why You Should Listen!

Despite all human achievements, people are becoming more isolated and indifferent to what is happening around them. Individuals and families struggle to live wholesome and fulfilling lives as the fabric of all that is true and good seems to be coming apart. Ethical and moral living standards are increasingly becoming less about what God wants and more about what we want.

So. where do Christians go for help when every proud expression of thought rises against the knowledge of God? - They go to the Word of God.

Hello and welcome to the Relentlessly Biblical™ Podcast, your monthly source for understanding God's full and accurate revelation concerning his son Jesus Christ for the new and mature Christian alike. We are your hosts, Alex and Christain, and every first Sunday of the month; we release a brand new episode where the topic and conversation is always the Bible.

It's an amazing book that promises to be sufficient for all your needs. It's a record of God's gracious dealings with humanity and is the source of spiritual growth for all Christians. In this podcast, we promise to bring you sound biblical teaching that does not compromise the scriptures but demonstrates its purpose in your life and reinforces your faith in God's Word.

You can also expect relevant and insightful guest interviews and the uncompromising study of many complex and misunderstood biblical topics, characters, places, and events. Together, we'll unearth those often overlooked scriptural treasures that will indeed bless you and open up your understanding of God's word.

This podcast is the perfect thing to put into your ears during your daily commute, gym session, dog walk, or anytime you want to tune out and tune in to the Word of God.

So, please join us and share this show with your family and friends. It's entirely free and available for listening anywhere you get your audio. Please visit our Join the Conversation page to ask questions, provide feedback, or submit an idea for future episodes.

Now, may the Lord bless you as you go forth and fight the good fight. Don't forget to lift up the Word of God, read it every day, share it, and help open someone's understanding of the scriptures today.

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About the Podcast

The Relentlessly Biblical™ Podcast
Uncompromising Standards for Biblical Faith
Every first Sunday of the month, we bring you a show dedicated to establishing and reinforcing a high view of the scriptures and Jesus Christ of whom the scriptures speak. Helping you understand God's full and accurate revelation concerning His Son and fulfilling His great commission.
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About your hosts

Alexander Ortiz

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I'm passionate about helping people remain faithful to the teachings of the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. My family and I began Core-Truth Media with this in mind and have worked hard to equip believers with resources and knowledge to help them become more confident in their faith and the truth of God's Word. We have seen first-hand the struggles churches face when trying to stay faithful to the Bible and Jesus Christ. We have also seen the impact a high view of scriptures and an accurate presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ can have on a church and community. It's not always a popular calling, but our mission to help open the understanding of others to the scriptures is too vital for the Kingdom of God to be dissuaded.

Christian Lopez

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Hey my name is Christian! I am a born-again believer of Jesus Christ who happens to own a business alongside my wife, capturing photo & video for weddings. We were recently blessed with a beautiful daughter in February of 2022 and can't get enough of our little baby girl, Luna. I am a musician who loves writing and playing music. Two other things I enjoy most are reading and studying the Word of God (the Bible) and leading other fellow believers in worship at our church. There is nothing like a good laugh, cup of coffee in the mornings and amazing food like; Thai, Indian, Spanish and dry cereal as a snack. One future goal I'd love to accomplish is to film an original short-film.